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Information About Insulin Vials

Insulin vials are an alternative to using insulin pens. Vials contain insulin for you to extract and inject with a syringe. One of the main advantages of insulin vials over pre-filled pens and syringes is that vials can come with insulin combinations or isolated insulins. People often prefer vials over pens or regular insulin cartridges because they find it easier to store one vial instead of finding a place to store various cartridges or pens.

How to use insulin vials?

When using a vial and syringe, consult with your doctor about the proper subcutaneous injection technique, and always follow their directions carefully. To administer an injection with a syringe, you need an insulin vial, a syringe, a needle and an alcohol swab to disinfect the injection site.

Use the right syringe to extract and inject insulin from vials

It is important that you use a syringe that is marked specifically for insulin preparations. If you do not use a proper insulin syringe, it can lead to mistakes in dosing. Disposable syringes and needles must only be used one time and be safely thrown away after. You must never share your needle or syringe with anyone, even family members. This causes a serious risk of passing infections and diseases to one another.

Discuss Injection Techniques with your doctor

Suitable subcutaneous administration sites include the upper arms, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Injection sites should always be rotated so that one site is not used more than approximately once a month. The fatty tissue under your skin near the injection site can thicken (such as in lipohypertrophy) or shrink (such as in lipoatrophy) if you inject the same spot too often. Make sure that you do not enter a blood vessel or muscle tissue with your needle. The injection site should not be rubbed or massaged afterward.

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