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About Canadian Insulin

Our Mission

We provide a prescription referral service for American diabetics and pet owners, giving them access to lower cost insulin from Canada. We work exclusively with licensed Canadian pharmacies and Canadian doctors to help fill our customers' prescriptions accurately, safely and in a timely manner.

  • Affordable Medication
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The Canadian Insulin difference

FDA Approved

We offer FDA approved insulin for dogs & cats with diabetes.

Cost Effective

We provide Americans with access to affordable Canadian insulin.

Quality and Safety

All prescriptions are reviewed & filled by a licensed Canadian pharmacist.

Signs of Diabetes

Excessive thirst

Your pet drinks a lot of water

Weight loss

Your pet may be lacking an appetite and therefore losing weight

Dull/Dry Coat

Your cat's fur lacks shine and looks dry

Cloudy eyes

Your dog's eyes might look cloudy or opaque

Sleeps more frequently

Your dog always seems tired and/or less active

Always hungry

Your pet is always eating and wanting more food

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Have more questions?

Yes! We can deliver anywhere in the contiguous USA, and our prices are all in US dollars (USD). If you live outside of the contiguous U.S., such as Alaska or Hawaii, additional charges may apply.

All of our insulin products are shipped from Canada through one of our licensed affiliated Canadian pharmacies. We deal with licensed pharmacies in Canada only.

Orders are generally shipped within 48 hours of being processed. Please note, however, that it can take 1 - 4 business days to process your order as we must verify your prescription(s) and prepare your medication.

In Canada, the government regulates the prices of all medications. This is to help ensure that Canadians can afford the medication they need. Drug manufacturers and pharmacies cannot raise prices significantly at will in Canada. provides Americans access to these significantly lower prices.

Prescription from your doctor

We require a valid prescription before we can process any order for a prescription medication.

Upload your prescription and get ready to explore the Canadian Insulin difference!

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Most major brands of insulin are available. Please contact us if you cannot find your insulin, we are just a phone call away!


All of our insulin orders are shipped in refrigerated gel pack containers that have been specifically designed to keep our insulin shipments cold. Keep in mind that all insulin can also survive for up to 30 days at room temperature. Most shipments take 3 to 5 business days to arrive after your order has been processed and shipped. customers recieve flat rate shipping to all U.S. destinations. Even after including our low, flat rate shipping, you will still be saving substantially on your regular insulin costs.

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