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Buy OneTouch Delica Fine Lancets 30 Gauge Online
Pack with 100 lancets

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$8.69 USD
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$8.69 USD
+ shipping and handling

About the OneTouch Delica Lancets

OneTouch Delica Lancets are compatible with your OneTouch Delica lancing device. They are used together with your lancing device to puncture your skin. This allows you to obtain a small blood sample so you can run a blood glucose test to help monitor your blood glucose level in the management of your diabetes. These lancets are typically available for use with the OneTouch VerioIQ, the OneTouch UltraMini and the OneTouch Ultra2 meter kits. They come with the Advanced Glide Control System and are designed for comfortable blood testing. These lancets come in a package of 100 ct.

How to use

To use these lancets, first make sure you wash your hands to reduce the risk of spreading disease or infection by blood. Remember to rinse and dry before sampling. Each lancet is intended for single use only, and you should never share your lancet with anyone, including family members.

To inset the the lancet into your compatible lancing device, first remove the cap by turning it counterclockwise, then pull it straight off the device. Align the lancet so it fits into the holder and snaps into place. Twist and remove the protective lancet cover using one full turn, or until it separates from the lancet. Remember to save the protective cover for lancet removal and disposal later. Place the cap back on the device, turning it clockwise to secure it.

To dispose of your used lancet, remove the lancing device cap by turning it counterclockwise and pulling it straight off like before. Take your protective lancet cover and place it on a hard surface then push the lancet tip into the cup side of the cover. Eject the lancet by sliding the ejection control forward until the lancet comes out of the lancing device. Return the ejection control to its back position. Finally, replace the cap by turning it clockwise. Discard the used lancet carefully as it may be considered biohazard waste in your area.

Manufacture: Lifescan Canada LTD.

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