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Information About Glucose Meters or Glucometers

What is a Blood Glucose Meter?

Blood glucose meters, are also known as Glucometers, Blood glucose monitoring systems, Blood glucose monitors and often also refered to as diabetic blood meters.

A blood glucose meter is a device that helps people with diabetes measure and read the amount of glucose in their blood. Various factors such as stress, medications, food and exercise can negatively affect your blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic, a glucometer can help you to properly respond to changes in your blood sugar levels. Thus, helping you manage your condition better. Today, there are different types of blood sugar measurement devices ranging from basic to advanced models. The basic glucose monitoring devices have easy-to-use features while the advanced models come with more options and features that are advanced.

It is important you understand the difference between basic and advanced sugar devices before you decide which one you should buy. For example, you can ask about the special features that come with glucometers. This will help you know which device suits your needs. Sugar test measuring devices have different features such as audio features for people who cannot clearly read the screen. Others come with large buttons that are easy to use. Some advanced devices have advanced storage features, which allow you to download the readings of your blood sugar levels so that you can send them to your doctor via email. If you are at risk of developing ketoacidosis, there are some glucometers which allow you to check for ketones.

How to Use a Glucometer?

Before buying a diabetes blood glucose meter, it is important you know how they function. The first step of using a glucometer is to put a test strip inside the device. The second step is to prick your fingertip using a lancet so that you can draw blood. The third step is to touch the test strip with the blood so that you can measure the blood glucose levels. Patiently wait until the reading of your blood sugar level appears on the glucose monitoring device screen. When properly used and kept clean, sugar measuring device can accurately measure your blood sugar levels. This will play a big role in helping you successfully manage your diabetes and remain healthy.

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