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Community Articles

Disclaimer: Please note that the contents of these community articles are strictly for informational purposes and should not be considered as medical advice. These community articles are not written or reviewed for medical validity by Canadian Insulin or its staff. All views and opinions expressed by the contributing authors in these community articles are not endorsed by Canadian Insulin. Always consult a medical professional for medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.
Ozempic and Bydureon are medications that help diabetics regulate their blood glucose sugar levels. While similar, these drugs also have notable differences.  Read on to learn more about the differences between Ozempic and Bydureon. Similarities and Differences Be ... Read more
The structure of insulin is composed of two short amino acid chains linked by two disulfide bonds. What is an amino acid chain? Amino acids are structural units that bond together to form proteins. They are chemical units used by the human body to perform certain func ... Read more
What is the food insulin index? The food insulin index is used by diabetics worldwide as a means of designing their diets in such a way that blood glucose can be adequately regulated. However, it can be a difficult to understand what it is and how to use it. The food i ... Read more
Tresiba is a long-acting medication that contains insulin degludec and is used to treat Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Tresiba dosing varies according to the type of diabetes a patient has, their age, and their previous use of insulin. It is available in two dosage units: ... Read more
Diabetes is not a human-specific metabolic disorder. Even animals, including our beloved pet cats and dogs, are prone to this disease. While the aim in treating both humans and pets is to maintain optimal blood glucose levels, the drugs used are often not the same. Wha ... Read more
Many pharmaceutical products are used to treat diabetes mellitus (Type 1 and 2). Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that develops due to either insulin resistance or complete deficiency of insulin. In both cases, your physician may prescribe insulin injections to keep yo ... Read more
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