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Novolin N (NPH) Insulin Peak Time And Onset

Novolin N (NPH) Insulin Peak Time And Onset

What is Novolin N?

Novolin N, also known as Insulin Isophane, is an intermediate acting insulin which is used to treat patients with diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic medical condition where the body cannot produce enough insulin or becomes resistant to it. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that helps to transport glucose from the bloodstream to body tissue. Diabetic patients cannot naturally produce this hormone. Hence, people with type 1 diabetes require insulin therapy such as Novolin N. Type 2 diabetes can be treated using exercise, diet, and diabetes medications, but this medication can be prescribed to patients with type 2 diabetes as a combination treatment. As well, this insulin drugcan be used to treat diabetes mellitus in both adults and children. When injected under the skin, this medication keeps working in the body for up to 18 hours. Novolin N is usually prescribed together with rapid acting insulin. Insulin Isophane can be used alone or in combination with oral diabetes medications such as Metformin.

How to inject

Insulin Isophane is injected subcutaneously using an injection pen or syringe. Your health-care provider will show you the best place to inject this medication. Change the injection site every time you take this medication to reduce the chance of getting lipodystrophy. Do not inject insulin isophane into a muscle or vein. You should not change your dosage without your doctor’s recommendation. Make sure you carefully follow your doctor’s instruction on how to take this medication. In case you do not understand anything, ask your doctor for clarification. The dosage of this medication is determined by your medical condition and how you respond to treatment. As you take Novolin N, you should check your blood glucose regularly. You should not use Insulin Isophane if you are allergic to any of its ingredients or have episodes of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Novolin N Peak Time and Onset

Novolin N onset refers to how fast this medication starts to work in lowering high blood sugar. Novolin N peak refers to how long it takes before this medication achieves its maximum effect in the body. Novolin N onset is about 1 to 2 hours, while its peak is between 4 to 12 hours.

Side effects

Most patients who take Insulin Isophane do not experience severe side effects. You should inform your doctor immediately in case you experience severe effects like low potassium levels in the bloodstream with symptoms such as:

  • weakness
  • irregular heartbeat
  • muscle cramps

This medication can also result in an injection site reaction with symptoms like:

  • redness
  • irritation
  • pain

Another side effect that may occur when you use Novolin N is hypoglycemia. In case you have symptoms such as:

  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • hunger
  • fast heartbeat
  • sweating
  • shaking

you should contact your doctor. Hypoglycemia can be treated with glucose tablets, non-diet soda, or fruit juice. Always discuss possible treatment options of hypoglycemia before you start a new medication.


Disclaimer: Please note that the contents of this community article are strictly for informational purposes and should not be considered as medical advice. This article, and other community articles, are not written or reviewed for medical validity by Canadian Insulin or its staff. All views and opinions expressed by the contributing authors are not endorsed by Canadian Insulin. Always consult a medical professional for medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment.
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