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What is Humalog Insulin Lispro: Onset Peak Time and Duration?

What is Humalog Insulin Lispro: Onset Peak Time and Duration?

What is Humalog?

Humalog is the brand name of insulin lispro, and is used to control high blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. This medication is a fast acting insulin, which begins to work quickly after injection. Insulin is a natural hormone that is produced by beta cells in the pancreas. This naturally occurring hormone works by helping glucose get into the cells for energy. Without insulin, glucose cannot enter the cells, hence they remain in the bloodstream. Too much glucose in the blood can lead to serious health complications such as blood vessel damage which could lead to life threatening conditions such as stroke. People with diabetes do not produce enough insulin or use it properly. As a result, they experience high blood sugar levels.

How does this medication work?

It works by replacing the naturally occurring insulin hormone and helping glucose move from the bloodstream to body tissues such as muscle and fat cells. Humalog also prevents the liver from producing more glucose which helps to control high blood sugar levels. Using this medication reduces your risk of developing serious health complications such as nerve damage and heart disease. Insulin lispro is part of a treatment program that consists of exercise program, diet plan and weight loss. It is important you follow your diet, exercise and medication program very closely during your treatment. Changing any of these factors can adversely affect your blood glucose levels. Insulin lispro does not cure diabetes, rather it helps to manage it.

Humalog insulin lispro onset, peak time and duration

The drug onset refers to the duration it takes before this medication starts to work in the body. On the other hand, humalog peak refers to the period it takes before the maximum effects are felt. The medication onset is about 15 minutes after injection, while its peak is about 1 hour. Insulin lispro keeps working in your body for about 2 to 4 hours. The drug is used to treat type 2 diabetes in adults as well as adults and children above 3 years with type 1 diabetes.

How to inject insulin lispro

Insulin lispro comes in solution form which should be injected subcutaneously i.e. under the skin. However, humalog can also be injected intravenously by a nurse or doctor. Because of its rapid action, it is important you take this medicine with meals, within 15 minutes before a meal or just after you eat. Your doctor will advise you how many times you should inject insulin lispro every day. Follow the instruction on your prescription label and in case you do not understand anything, you should ask your doctor to explain. You should not increase or decrease your insulin dosage without your doctor’s permission. Make sure you use this insulin drug as it is prescribed by your doctor.


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